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Woking Athletic Club

Woking Athletic Club Membership

Become an Academy member (under 12s)

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Become a Junior member (age range 12 to 17 inclusive)

(Oct 2015)

Woking A.C. no longer operates a waiting list for this age group. If you are in this age group and you are keen to join Woking Athletic Club as a participating athlete, you should

  • Request your School’s/Colleges Head of P.E. to e-mail outlining your recorded achievements, times distances etc. and to confirm your full name, D.O.B. and contact details.

  • If your achievements are considered to be of an acceptable standard, you will be invited to attend two trial training sessions at the Club, after which a final decision on your application to join will be made.

  • Alternatively you can enter and participate in one of the Club’s open events (held annually, usually in August & September), details, of which, can be found on the Club’s website.

  • If choosing this route, please ensure that you make yourself known to one of the Club’s coaches as you arrive - so they can observe your performance and advise accordingly. 

Become a Senior member

(Feb 2015)

Club renewal membership has been sent out anyone who has not received this can you let me know & I will ensure it gets out to you asap. Full membership includes Woking Ac membership; UKA membership & all track & coaching sessions, XC league events & all relay events.

If you take out full membership some commitment is expected from you in return: this includes representing the Club in league events, helping out at club events (track meets, clean up days) or taking on a voluntary role within the club.

Social membership is at a reduced cost & includes Woking AC membership & UKA membership. You are then able to pay as you go at a rate of £5 for track sessions. There are no requirements or expectations from you by the Club if you are a social member. However, reimbursement for road league events will not be paid to social members.

Email the Membership Secretary  ( for over 18's )